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luke-headshot4-1-236x300 Davis Consulting Group was founded upon practical business strategies that have been proven and that work.  Our founder, Luke Davis, has been a successful entrepreneur for over 10 years.  Starting with a dream of business ownership and experience in retail and a passion for technology, Luke started his first business selling cell phones and plans for Alltel Wireless as an independent dealer.  Learning the value of organic growth the business steadily grew from one location in Nixa MO to over 25 locations across 3 states with Millions of dollars in revenue and close to 100 team members.  In 2009 a game changing event took place when Verizon Wireless acquired Alltel Wireless.  Talk about a whirlwind of unknowns!  What would happen to our business?  What if Verizon didn’t like us or our numbers?  What we do with all these leases and employees?  Fortunately we survived the apocalypse!  It wasn’t bad hardly at all and the Verizon folks were very pleasant to work with and very helpful.  We became and even larger company during this timeframe with explosive growth in locations and in revenue.  This business was getting more challenging and the marketplace was determining our future.  Early 2012 the opportunity came up to discuss an acquisition with a competitor.  At first it was a very hard to process in our minds the thought of selling off our little baby and allowing some other company the privilege of operating our great company that we had built from scratch.  We took time and talked about the pros and cons of the potential deal that loomed in the distance.  After much discussion, prayer, and bittersweet feelings we decided to move forward with our acquisition.  On October 1st 2012 we sold the majority of our company to a competitor.  We sold the rest of the company on April 1st 2013, and opened another retail business in December 2012!

Since then we have sold our latest retail business with the hope of helping other entrepreneurs discover their dream.  Davis Consulting Group has vast experience in what it takes to run and operate a business from employees, taxes, hiring / firing, compliance and finances along with recognizing what it take to get your dream to a vision, then to a goal, and then what the necessary steps are so that you can live your dreams!  We have the experience from real life scenarios, not textbook theory.  What know what it’s like to have employee issues.  We know how hard it is day to day to need to work in your business when you know you should be working on your business.  We have been in the driver seat when its time to negotiate a lease or figure out how to make payroll or buy inventory.  We’ve been there!

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