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Have Davis Consulting Group speak at your event!  We can speak on a variety of topics that can conform and fit to your companies need!  From Business, education, Conservative politics, to winning, importance of planning, investing and more!  We offer a dynamic, fun, interactive and entertaining way of connecting with our audience.  Book Davis Consulting Group today!  Call for availability.


Meet the Speakers

  • luke davis jpg (2)Luke Davis, Founder Davis Consulting Group

  • President and CEO of Davis Cellular, Davis Cellular Repair, and Partner of LLKH Properties

  • Talk Radio Host of Tech Talk on 1041 FM KSGF for 7 years running

  • City Council Member and current President of the board for the City of Fremont Hills Missouri



I Learned the value of customer service while working in the grocery business for 6 years as a teenager.  After short term stint as a real estate agent, I found my passion for technology and joined Alltel Wireless in 2001.  After moving up through the ranks landing in a management position with Alltel, there was still something missing.  I woke up one day and said, “I can do this on my own.”  And that’s exactly what happened in December of 2005 when Davis Cellular opened.  Since then I have owned and operated multiple businesses and have successfully lead through business acquisitions.  I’ve owned businesses and I have sold businesses.  I’ve employed tons of people across multiple states and have faced the challenges that business owners face.  Hiring, firing, building a team, slim margins, compliance audits and more.  Give me a call or shoot me an email to chat about your next company event!


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