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Sales Training

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Did you know that almost everyone is in sales?  Parents sell their kids on the value of a good education.  Pastors sell their congregation on the value of a rich spiritual walk.  Doctors sell their patients on the value of taking care of their body.  Did you know that almost every day you are sold to?  Waiters and Waitresses sell you on the daily special.  Your kids sell you on the value of having that new toy they just saw on TV.  Your spouse sells you on where to go for date night!  Some people will say, “I don’t want to be in sales.”   However the reality is, is that almost all of us are in sales in some form or fashion. In most cases, dealing with a trained sales professional that is serving your needs a real pleasure to work with.  At Davis Consulting Group we have a much different approach on selling.  We call it serving.  Serving your clients is much more effective than selling to your clients.  Serving takes the pressure off, and makes a sales transaction much smoother.  Serving is much more enjoyable than high pressure selling, for both the client and the team member.  Our sales training is proven and practical, not theory.  These training sessions have had a real life impact on previous companies and team members.  Let us help train your sales staff!  We focus on the serve selling techniques that fit any product.  Davis Consulting Group will show your sales team how to adapt these sales methods and incorporate these methods into your company product of service.  All of us can recall an experience where we purchased something where the sales person was amazing.  That is what we want for your company!  Call Davis Consulting Group today!  We work with your sales team to build sustainability and more profitability for your company!

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