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In the Jim Collins classic book, Good to Great, he talks about the hiring the right people and getting them on the right bus and in the right seat.  We have been recruiting and hiring people since 2001 and from experience can tell you that its not easy to get the right people on the right bus.  The reality is that when your organization is at the level that it needs team members, or if your business already has team members, you are hoping that you get people on board with  your company that shares in your vision and you want someone that would treat the business the same way you would.  Hiring people to join your organization is one of the most important tasks you may have as a business owner or as an HR director.  In a retail environment you are hiring someone who will be the face of your company.  Tell me what is more important than that to business owner!  Yet time and time again we see organizations hire someone after one short and quick interview, only to wonder in complete shock why they didn’t work out after the probation period had expired, or why they quit showing up for work!  Turnover is very expensive.  That’s why recruiting done correctly is very important!  Davis Consulting Group can help.  We can show you practical and proven methods or hiring and recruiting the right individuals.  We also take time to evaluate how attractive your company is to team members.  Oh, and by the way we call them team members not employees.  Employees show up late, leave early and steal while their there.  Team member are part of a team, and team member make business successful!  .  Let Davis Consulting Group show you how to develop and build a rock star team that will make owning and operating a small business a true joy to own.  Recruiting in one the most crucial and important parts of small business growth.  In most cases business owners are looking for the next rock star to help them grow their company.  Davis Consulting Group can help – give us a call today!

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