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Family Business

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Family owned and operated business is our specialty.  Things are a bit different when family is involved.  What if you don’t agree on a decision?  How should ownership be setup?  What if one of you passes away or wants to leave the family business?  Owning and operating business that has family involved can bring a whole other set of issues and concerns to the table.  Circumstances can arise, and most likely will, in your family business that normally won’t happen in most small businesses.   Family business dynamics can be very powerful if done correctly.  Through our experiences we have seen it all!  Our founder, Luke Davis, started with his first family business in 2005.  Since them he has personally been involved with 3 family business including his wife!  Most folks have one of two visions when it comes to working with family.  1) Absolutely not no way not ever, or 2) sure, that doesn’t seem like a big deal, and it might even be fun!  Some of the most successful small businesses are family business, or started as family business.  These types of business can be very fun yet very challenging at the same time.  You need someone in your corner that has been there done that giving you practical advice from experience that works.  Let Davis Consulting Group help get all that sorted out!  We want your Thanksgiving day table to be happy and joyful, and unaffected by the family business!

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