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Career Coaching

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For most of us, we spend more time at work or doing work than we do with our families.  We might as well do something that we like!  We all have dreams.  Maybe your dream is to start your own business offering a service or a product.  Maybe you are an inventor and have a new product that you would like to see brought to market.  Maybe your dream is to work for a company that serves your passion!  Let Davis Consulting Group help turn your passions, dreams and desires into reality.  Our format is a little different than most.  We don’t believe in debt and we would never recommend you go into debt to start a business  Lets face the facts, owning and operating a business has dramatic risks.  Why borrow money that will only increase that risk?  We can show you how that process works and what it takes to start with debt and stay debt free! Did you know that only 12% of job openings are posted?  That’s right over 85% of job openings are never posted!  The reality is that talent is never wasted.  Most companies will not pass up the opportunity to hire talent even if there is no immediate job available.  Oh and by the way the need for a 4 year degree is getting less and less.  Studies show that experience, hard work, communication and willingness to do what the job requires is taking the place of the 4 year degree.  Let Davis Consulting Group show you how!  We offer Career Coaching so you can get about the business of  making your dreams become reality!  Goals are key here, we can help you establish those goals, break them down into bite size goals and most importantly hold you accountable! Think of Davis Consulting Group as your accountability partner!



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