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Don’t want other people to hear your conversations, or don’t want to hear theirs?  Did you know that there is technology available (that you can’t really hear) that can actually mask the sound around your office?  Do you use the cloud?  Are you still paying a monopoly phone company for regular analog phone lines?  Technology in business can be very fun!  It can also be very overwhelming!  So many options when it comes technology and your office.  From efficiency to cost effectiveness you want what works without paying for gadgets and gizmos that you are not using!  Most businesses are “sold” products and service that they may or may not need.  Wouldn’t it nice if you had someone in your corner that was looking over your shoulder before making a long term commitment on equipment, or a larger purchase?  There is a plethora of options available when it comes to selecting the correct phone system, internet options, smartphones, GPS service etc.  You need an UN-biased opinion on what to purchase and its effectiveness when it comes to your specific operation.  Davis Consulting Group has many years experience in the technology field to help better serve you in Business Technology!  We specialize in doing what we call “technology evaluations”.  Our job is to evaluate the technology being used in your company, and make recommendations based on what is available and what would make your office run more efficient, WITHOUT having to spend a fortune doing so!  Most of our clients don’t realize some of the options that are available, and why should you know everything that might be available unless you’re in the technology business!  Most CPA’s, doctors, tire shops,restaurants etc. don’t know much about the latest products or service that might make their back office, or the entire office run more smoothly!  Give us a call today to setup your evaluation!

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